Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Guh....I fucking HATE that shit. Stop saying it.

I was on the phone with my homeboy Ben Frank the other day and we were talking about this term from here that really bothers the both of us. I personally think whoever came up with the word should be Lynched. lol. All the younger kids (9-16) are using it like it's nothing. Instead of saying you mad or blown they say, "YOU GUH!!!!" Shit sounds retarded. smh...

I was at the Verison Center this past weekend and I saw these two lil kids that had to be 13 or 14 dressed up like Wayne.....smh....damn shame....I don't have my camera, If I did....you know...


Friday, September 12, 2008

SMH...I love Woodbridge! Ello Muff!!!

So yesterday night I get a call from the good ol' folks at Prolific...lol. And they're popin shit about how they want me to take the banner down from the top of my page and if I did not how they were gonna do some "funny shit" or promote something else (which I highly doubt...) if I didin't take it down because the Prolific Logo is on it....Well after talking to my people we see that there is NO Prolific logo and I am NOT gonna take it down. Just doing things out of spite, eh? Remember people, if it was not for me and my shoutouts on S.N.E.S. you would not know who Prolific is much less care. When Marky did the WDMV joint AbstraKt was "suppose" to be hosting and didin't. Did they ask Marky for the cover back? No. But...That's how it is when you deal with bamma ass people in this buisness. It all stems from City "claming" to be my manager when he has not done one thing for the project besides provide graphic design. Where are the shows David? Hmm??? You have nothing to show because you tried to act like a big boy in this game when you aren't even crawling. Check my track record pimp!

*Worked with Judah (if you haven't your a nobody.)
*Worked with Wale
*Worked with Studio 43
*Working with Wes Felton
*Working with Oddisey (Scratch Mag, Ect...)
*OD shows in NYC
*Collab with Good Bully
*Collab with Aplomb
*HiphopDX posts

The list goes on....

C'mon this is where you lil' niggas are put in your place. Face up to it. you fucked up and now your mad. BUT...The thing about it WAS you had a chance to redeem yourself. But since you fucked up a relationship with a mutual friend, you fucked yourself. For people reading this this is me trying to vent so yeah...But this is a new era. My era. Let Mayhem begin people....

Truth Is The New Hate.....and I mean that in the best way possible.